On-line Services

Although direct contact with a counsellor or therapist is usually preferable, there are instances in which this may not be possible or times in which this can be beneficial.

Video Link

For clients in communities where psychological services may not be available or easily accessible, I have provided services over a video link, with good results. I would be pleased to discuss the potential benefits and possible limitations of providing services over the phone or video link.

Tracking Symptoms and Monitoring Change

I provide all clients with the opportunity to monitor their progress using interactive, on-line tools. Weekly and sometime daily monitor in of symptoms or goal can be helpful both in terms of understanding the types of stressors and triggers that maintain or exacerbate symptoms as well as in terms of tracking progress for treatment goals. These tools can be customized to address both problematic symptoms as well as to monitor progress on making lifestyle changes such as improving diet and exercise, or reducing cigarette or alcohol consumption.

Beyond treatment, on-going monitoring can help evaluate the degree to which treatment gains are maintained, or in the event that clients experience a relapse of symptoms, help to identify symptom return before a full relapse is experienced.

Most importantly, these tools do not require clients to provide any personal identifying information. There are three different types of on-line tools that are available to clients, depending on their treatment needs. These are: