Barrhaven Psychological Services - COVID-19 

Dear client,

Given the intensification of efforts in Ottawa to limit the spread of COVID-19, all appointments at Barrhaven Psychological Services will be delivered by phone or secure video link, commencing the week of March 23. We will return to regular in person appointments as soon as we are able to do so. Please consult your appointment reminders or our website for details on how we will be providing appointments by telephone or secure video-link.


If you have elected to talk by phone, your psychologist will contact you at the phone number that we have on file. If you have recently changed your number, please contact Giovanna by phone (613-823-3876) or email ( to update your contact information.


If you have elected to talk by video-link, you will be using a specially designed, secure software application located at This is a telemedicine platform that will allow the therapist to establish an industry-standard, secure link with you. All data is encrypted, sessions with your psychologist are anonymous, and no data associated with the call is stored. The platform adheres to HIPAA, PIPEDA, and GDPR data privacy requirements.


The link you will use for Dr. Darcy Santor is:

The link you will use for Dr. Amelie Beausoleil is:

The link you will use for Dr. Lindsay Rosval is:

The link you will use for Dr. Dhrasti Shah is:  

The link you will use for Heather Anderson is:                 

The link you will use for Marie-Eve Begin-Galarneau is:

The link you will use for Dr. Lisa Alli is:


To initiate the video-call, you just need to click on the link for your designated psychologist. You do not need to download any software or application. When your appointment is about to start, please click on the link. That will let your psychologist know that you are there and ready. You may have to wait a moment or two, just like in the clinic, until your psychologist accepts the call. Once they accept the call, you will see them, and you will be able to talk as you usually do. Technology is not perfect. If the connection is lost, your psychologist will try to re-establish the connection right away. If that does not work, your psychologist will call you at the phone number you have provided.


Payment will continue to be processed at the end of each session via credit card. You will provided with your usual email receipt once payment is completed.


And finally, we ask that you find a location for the call that is private, quiet and comfortable for you. Should you be unexpectedly interrupted or need to end the call quickly, you should feel comfortable just hanging up or closing the link. You can re-establish the call at anytime when you click on the same link. That will allow your psychologist to know that you are back, and they can accept the call again.


Thank you.

Barrhaven Psychological Services


We are currently looking for a registered clinical psychologist with a broad range of skills to join our specialized team.  

For more information, please contact us.


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We offer clients a range of treatment and assessment services that are based on the very best scientifically proven approaches, such as cognitive behaviour therapy or interpersonal therapy, while focusing on those strengths and abilities that are unique to every individual.

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Barrhaven Psychological Services was founded by Drs. Beausoleil, Rosval and Santor. We offer a wide range of services in three different languages.

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We welcome the opportunity to talk to dedicated and skilled individuls looking for Associate and Supervisee experiences.  Learn more green arrow

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