Health Check Plus 

We have developed a number of self-management and symptom tracking tools to help us better understand the nature of your difficulties as well as to assist you in learning and maintaining the skills and strategies that will benefit you, your relationships, and your health and well-being.  We use two types of secure, online questionnaires to help reach these goals, namely (a) a baseline assessment survey and (b) a brief, 10-minute follow-up survey.  Both of these are part of the comprehensive assessment and treatment strategy we implement for our clients.  Click here to read more about the content of the surveys.

A. The comprehensive baseline assessment survey

The comprehensive baseline assessment survey takes about 25 minutes to complete. It covers a broad range of topics, including symptoms, negative thoughts, unmet needs, setbacks, and relationship satisfaction.  These questionnaires do not replace your clinical interview but are used to both supplement and focus your assessment.

B. The brief, 10-minute, follow-up survey

The brief, 10-minute follow-up survey is designed to help you monitor your progress and to remind you of what you are working on from week to week and from month to month.  After you complete the brief survey, the system will generate a report that plots your progress over time. Monitoring your progress will allow you to take an active role in reaching your goals. The follow-up survey will also alert you and your clinician to various hurdles and obstacles that may make achieving progress more difficult than it needs to be.

The information you provide on both surveys will help us know
what sort of difficulties you are dealing with and assist us in developing a unique treatment and management plan for you.  Information from these questionnaires is also used to establish
a starting point, against which we monitor and evaluate the
progress you make. 

Getting started 

Step 1:  Go the website.  Click on the healthcheck survey link at the bottom of the page.

Step 2:  Enter the username and password for the clinic you are attending. The system will generate a new username and password that is just for you once you log in.

Username:    (provided by your clinician)
(provided by your clinician)

Step 3:  Enter your Client Code that was given to you by your clinician. Do not email or send this to any other person. This is how we will know who you are in the system (rather than by name).

Client Code:  
(provided by your clinician)

Step 4: As a data check, the system will ask you to provide your birth year, birth month, and the initial of your first name only.  This information is not sufficient to identify you but will help your health care provide ensure that your report is linked to you.  

Step 5: You will then be asked for an email address that the system will use to email your username and password to yourself as well as to send you monthly reminders. You will be given an opportunity to delete your email address from the system at the very end of the registration process if you do not want to receive monthly reminders to complete the follow-up survey.

Step 6:  The system will then ask you to verify your information and record it for safe keeping. Please record your username and password if you wish to return to your survey.

Step 7:
  Your clinician will ask you to complete one or more of the following modules one at a time

 - Health Check Screener - Adults
 - Intake Survey – Adults
 - Weekly and monthly monitoring

The system will generate a report that can be accessed only by you (for your records) and your health care provider. Remember, you can only be identified by your Client Code.  

 -  Generate intake report
 -  Monthly monitoring report

Step 8:  Complete the weekly and monthly monitoring survey as directed by your clinician to track your progress and monitor your gains.